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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 19, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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supreme court reporters. g.o.p. led states have filed this emergency scotus appeal to block the end of title 42 along the border. chief justice roberts has put a temporary hold on the district judge's orders to end title 42 enforcement. this is only a temporary business. that is big news right now. i am sure that you will hear more about that in the coming hours on the fox news channel. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. "the five" -- ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone. i am dana perino along with jesse watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ while, everyone, it is crunch time. only six days until christmas, and millions of people are scrambling to get their loved one some last minute gifts. jesse has been busy fighting the war on christmas, so who knows if he has had time. eric has been trying to train
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gus. harold orders his guests last year because he is not prepared, and if katie runs out of time, she will just want for christmas dinner on her way to the house. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's mine! move it! move it! ♪ ♪ >> dana: but now you can just order anything from the comfort of your couch appear nearly 60% of shoppers say they bought presence online, but this leads us to a very serious question to kick us off. as the internet taken the fun out of christmas? harold, is it no fun anymore? >> harold: first of all, glad to be back. steam on so glad to have you. >> harold: no, the internet allows you to kind of pinpoint
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and be precise about what you want for somebody, but it is hard -- i find it hard to shop -- i still like to go out, not only see the decorations but see the stores, see what's available. what i have learned, doing that, is there is more available online then in the stores. you really cannot get as many ideas. i do think this christmas, people are happy to be back together. i think the experience is probably more so than -- at least in my experience. my daughter's birthday is thursday, so she gets a double whammy. that christmas/birthday thing. so i hope she likes what i got her today. >> greg: you just told -- you got her books. >> harold: that is not necessarily true. >> dana: katie, have you gone up shop in? >> katie: i have done both. i love a good trip to t.j.maxx and home goods are all the
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little stocking stuffers and to decorate. all that kind of thing. however, i am also a big fan of allowing people to shop for themselves because you never want to buy some i get a gift that they want to return. get them a gift card, they can get what they want. maybe you don't know the right size to buy. online shopping makes wrapping a lot easier. that is the most stressful thing. but also now a lot of people are interested in experiences. that does not take a lot of shopping. that takes more coordination of schedule, which can be a little stressful, but i still think shopping online is fun. you're a medium? good to know. i have not gotten your gift. i'm on top of it. >> dana: we have this agreement that we would only buy things from small business for each other, so to me, that was shopping at the actual story. what? >> greg: is just funny because you are small, so it would make sense that they are small businesses. >> dana: my sister did it entirely online.
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jesse, how did you shop? >> jesse: we shop for the kids online because they don't know what's coming, but the wife, you have to shop for in person because your wife knows when packages are arriving. they can smell it. you can smell it. once he gets near the house, it's like they have a sixth sense, so you have to run interference. you have to cut them off before it gets delivered. i am a hands-on guy. i like to stroke the cashmere. feel it. touch it. smell it. that's how i do my shopping. men need help. we cannot just blindly punched buttons and hope that something comes in the right size from the internet. you have to have a stylist tell you what you do, what the good brand is. i don't know sizes. certain sizes for women are very confusing. different sizes in the year shoe sizes. you don't want to ever go to big because that's insulting. you don't know what kind of brand you are getting. then women know what women want, so you're in the red zone.
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men can only guess what women want, and christmas is not a guessing game. christmas, you have to be -- >> dana: you want to nearly. >> jesse: christmas, you better nail it. i went into -- it was so intimidating. everybody had more money than i did. everybody was better looking. and i don't experience that a lot. you should have seen it. everyone looked like a model, walking around with confidence. oh, $4,000. i will take two. i started to sweat. you have that's why like i cannot afford this? and then we went to sacks, and they wrapped it for me. that is the key. >> greg: youths in more than one. the one thing i miss is a drunk mall shopping. that's what i did in my 20s and 30s.
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my mom and i would go to westgate in san francisco. we would go to san mateo. you get the free snacks. hickory farms. then you get some candy. then you might go to nordstrom's because they have restaurants. usually at the top. and get loaded on bloody mary's. next thing you know, you pass out in a macy's dressing room, not knowing where you are. sometimes they have really weird bars. i remember a bar in hillsdale. it was underground and served nothing but crapes. i don't think it lasted. there is something cool about shopping with a buzz. you don't get -- instead you get arrogant, obnoxious. you turn into jesse watters, as opposed to -- but i want to talk -- can i mention something? what i notice that is very stressful about the holidays is the media. can i twist this towards the media? have you noticed how actual news is reduced by like 50 to 70%? and it is because the people who
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present the news, they are gone, right? people go away. the hosts, producers, so what does it tell you when the newsmakers are gone and the news disappears? a lot of it is created, and what do you have to do? you have to fill up this giant hole with hysterical weather coverage. you are going to die. 10 million, 13 million people will be traveling tomorrow. let's go live to laguardia. well, there is a line right hear, hear the line is getting larger. is that from 2013? i think that looks like 2013. don't get me wrong. i'm addicted to the weather coverage. when it's on, i cannot stop watching it. but the impact, is it totally -- can we pull back a little bit? that's all i'm saying? >> dana: i've got one more thing on my sleeve. we are not done with their christmas fun. have you ever heard of this?
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it is all the rage now. all you do is pour pepsi over ice, add some milk, and mixed. we are going to try this with some of america's favorite cookies. i mention do you arrogant producers not realize that this is what laverne and shirley drank? pilk is not new. i have never heard it be called pilk. before we call it something else. >> dana: be careful because we do not want to have a spraying situation. harold is nervous, jesse. >> jesse: why is it pepsi? >> dana: because it is pilk. >> greg: i'm not a big fan. too sweet. >> katie: what is the ratio? >> dana: i do not have instructions. >> jesse: i am going to go milk on the base. >> dana: you know what? >> jesse: sorry, guys. i cannot drink it now.
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>> greg: you know if this reminds me of? ebony and ivory. this is the most diverse drink, coming together. >> dana: give him the milk. let me tell you something. jesse, i think you should try here is -- >> jesse: oh, come on. >> dana: ready? >> greg: i cannot partake, unfortunately. >> dana: that's exactly what laverne was talking about. i am going to start putting an l on my sweater. >> katie: it is pretty good. >> dana: so we have some cookies. >> greg: they are next to harold. >> jesse: i like these. the cream -- >> dana: it looks like a candy cane on top. >> jesse: this is shaped like gingerbread, but is it? >> dana: i will try that. >> jesse: these are good.
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>> katie: this looks like a pumpkin. >> dana: 18 dozen cookies -- >> greg: you dip it in the pilk. i think if you look that up on urban dictionary, it is totally different. [laughs] >> dana: merry christmas, everyone, as we get ready. drink your pilk and go to bed. we just had some fun, but now we have some breaking news about biden's border crisis. we are going to bring it to you next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why i use the freestyle libre 2 system. with a painless, one-second scan, i know my glucose numbers without fingersticks. now, i'm managing my diabetes better, and i've lowered my a1c
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: breaking news. the supreme court temporarily bailing joe biden out and possibly postponing a huge catastrophe at the border. mom's ago, blocking the biden administration from ending title 42 which is expected to lapse in two days. forced to declare a state of emergency as illegals flood into the city. video shows extreme overcrowding at a migrant processing center. 500 people are packed into a pot of that was only meant to hold 100, and there's only one bathroom. those are just the lucky ones. outside, dozens of migrants sleeping on the streets and freezing temps. right now, border patrol is overwhelmed with a few thousand daily crossings. right on cue, biden media
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cheerleaders say that it is all the republicans fault. so, dana perino, joe gets bailed out by the supreme court. are you surprised by that? >> dana: i don't know if they are actually going to get bailed out in the end, and i think there has been some confusion on this. title 42 is just one of the tools that they can use in order to tell migrants, no, you have to turn back here that was because president trump said here is another thing we can do to make sure people don't come in who might have coronavirus. those were the early days. the biden administration continues to use that to try to get the numbers down at the border. however, the biden administration also wanted to do the opposite of anything that president trump did on immigration. the states were saying now, this is actually working. you should not want to end it. now the courts have said okay, fine. the states today filed a case -- an appeal to the supreme court
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and said please don't let the white house do this. all that happened today, the supreme court said we are going to give another 24 hours for the white house to reply to this emergency request, and then we will see if they argue and on merit. it is not completely dead. this does not actually end until midnight on wednesday night, so there is a little bit of a reprieve. i do not know what the white house will do. if they are consistent with their position over the past few years, katie can correct me if i am wrong because she knows this issue better than anyone. >> harold: let's see what the media is doing. greg, take a look at this. >> greg: i shall. >> we talk about open borders. i don't think i have ever heard president biden say "we have an open border. come on over here" the people i have heard say are you, former president trump, ron desantis. >> it was known from the time he got elected that joe biden
2:18 pm
supported open borders. whether or not they are going to enforce the immigration laws are not is known across the world, but most importantly, known among the cartel. >> jesse: gray, have you ever seen videos of this? >> greg: thank you, governor abbott. it is so interesting when you do see people in the media. you can tell exactly what they read, what they don't read. she has no clue what's going on. there is so much documentation of what's going on, and she's in her own little bubble. i cannot wait for this response. you like that, in america? you can have that. even harold laughed at it. you should not. i would love to know -- i think it was -- katie, what is the policy? i want to know what the media in the mainstream media and the democrats actually feel about the border situation because do they actually know how they feel, or do they only wait until
2:19 pm
the other side says something. for example, if one side says the border is not secure, they will say no, it is secure. but then when you show them that it isn't, they will say that's good because we need more workers. we are not pumping out the kids. we've got to have more people come here, so what is it going to be? is the border secure? or if it's not, it's a bad thing. that's what happens with inflation. it was like there is no inflation, then we show that there is, they say inflation is good. the tendency is to deny the bad news or shift the blame to somebody else, and then when you present them with irrefutable evidence, they say yes, it is great. i think the problem does not exist, or it does, and you love it. you cannot have both. >> greg: did she actually go to the border? >> katie: i am not sure, maybe she did go to the border. i will not speculate.
2:20 pm
but i do find it interesting that now all of a sudden, the media is interested in the story. we have been covering this for years. especially with this catastrophe and this new crisis, at every level that we have not seen before. from the white house perspective, arguing today in the briefing that the white house is doing lots of things. we invest for billions of dollars in new resources, and republicans do not want to do it. they are part of the problem, helping the traffickers. a billion dollars is worthless if you are continuing to manage the problem which they are doing by opening up new processing facilities. it is like having a leak in your roof and putting out a bucket. you just move the bucket, put another bucket in. you keep doing that, and you have this crisis where you cannot fix it, and until the white house calls for congress to pass some kind of a silent reform because that is the reason you are seeing thousands and thousands of people, including 84,000 people in the
2:21 pm
past four months, dropped off in el paso, run by a democratic mayor. you have the new york city mayor, saying we cannot sustain this with all these people coming. that is more people then my hometown and four months coming in. >> greg: katie, can i read a headline for you? she compares human beings to rainwater. >> katie: it is just -- >> greg: that is not how the media covers it. they question your humanity. >> katie: stuffing people into buckets and all kinds of stuff. >> greg: where is aoc, harold? why isn't she in no way pensive praying somewhere? >> harold: we have -- president trump used and 2020. as a public health -- you can really use it to help communicable diseases out of the country. it had not been used since 1929 when we are trying to keep a
2:22 pm
certain meningitis had broken out in asia, and we did not want to have to accept the goods from in asia. the president trump used for the right purpose, so a judge decided that title 42 -- we were not using it for the right purposes. things have subsided with covid. louisiana, louisiana judge said this is title 42, how it should be used. and the administration -- i think dana has settled on the right political point. the administration is going to have a decision to make. they cannot hide. and i hope they come out on the side of continuing with title 42 because i am not convinced that the communicable disease issue has not subsided to the point -- the governors who have done this, they are not as worried about covid. they were worried about the fact that we don't have a viable,
2:23 pm
serious immigration policy. if i were republicans in congress, the first thing they should do, simultaneously, to put forth an immigration plan, border security plan. i will support you if it is reasonable, if it is fair. i think you will find a lot of democrats who are going to want to do that as well because you need both of these things. even if they say title 42 should remain, we will continue to have a border challenge until someone asked. republicans who believe as strongly as they do, force democrats in the senate to work with you. force president biden to either sign something or veto some something. the country needs you guys to be serious on this. >> greg: how do you feel about title 41? the federal statute -- just thought i would keep you on track there. title 43. didn't we just talk about that? title 43 is the government consumption of --
2:24 pm
>> dana: corn. >> greg: corn. >> harold: i agree with that one. [laughter] >> greg: thank you. >> jesse: fx, another twist at twitter. elon musk may be forced to step down as ceo. ♪ ♪ down as ceo. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ s. where will they take you? ♪ ♪ (dog barks) ♪ silverado zr2, trail boss, and custom trail boss. because adventure is everywhere. get powered by innovation refunds can help your business get a payroll tax refund, even if you got ppp
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and it only takes eight minutes to qualify. i went on their website, uploaded everything, and i was blown away by what they could do. has helped businesses get over a billion dollars and we can help your business too. qualify your business for a big refund in eight minutes. go to to get started. powered by innovation refunds.
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vehicles come in all different sizes. yet ordinary windshield phone holders are one size fits all. does that make sense? no.
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but this does. the adjustable windshieldfone from weathertech. it extends and retracts for a perfect fit in any vehicle. plus, a quick release tab for easy one handed in and out. and for kids, use it in the back seat too. comes with short, medium and telescopic arms, to fit any vehicle. order the american made windshieldfone at even makes a nice holiday gift. ♪ ♪ >> katie: whether he should step down, and promising he would abide by the results -- well, the verdict is in, and 57% support his stepping down. that comes as we get a new batch
2:29 pm
of twitter files, exposing the cozy relationship between the fbi and the social media giant. bullying executives were not reporting state propaganda enough. it even caused twitter's former head of trust and safety to be uncomfortable. he was like i who also banned people. today we learned the fbi warned to twitter about information just hours before "the new york post" published as hunter biden laptop story. dana, let's start there. right before the story was published, the fbi had have the laptop in its possession for a year. >> dana: i read that within these files, they found that there was a note from the ousted former fbi and now former twitter deputy counsel, james baker, thinking the fbi for helping them get the hunter biden laptop story put away, so that looks very suspicious, and you have to imagine for the guy at twitter, he was even irritated by the fbi, saying gosh, guys, can you back off?
2:30 pm
you are still a private company. the fbi had so many agents looking at them. i think it's pretty hilarious that they sell for satirical sites, and accounts that had 12 followers. how many times have we made fun of people retreating people who have 12 followers? if you have a million followers in your retweet someone's comments and they have 12 followers, what have you done? it doesn't make any sense. there is a lot there. i do think that elon musk has -- i would not say that he has open pandora's box, but he opened the box, saying wow, this thing is kind of terrible but also something that should be fixed. i want to land a guy on the moon next week, so he need somebody else to actually run the day-to-day. >> katie: greg, do you think elon musk should stay or go? >> greg: he's got to go. he already knew the outcome. why would he do this? planning on going, and he used this opportunity to i guess
2:31 pm
teach us something about maybe how twitter could be used in the future in terms of maybe twitter makes decisions. maybe it is a high fran, human brain which people vote on things, the future of voting. if he was not stepping down, he never would have done this. a great way to turn it into something else. he does not need a visionary because that is his job. he is still going to be running the thing, no matter what. if this were like a tv show, he basically needs a house to just kind of shows up. front of story. you need somebody that -- i was thinking like charles barkley because i can't figure out where he stands on anything. one minute he will say something so right wing, then the next minute, so left wing, and he is america. you cannot have anybody that is like a regular here. it has to be somebody -- or
2:32 pm
somebody you don't know. somebody you don't know. >> dana: somebody who does not have a persona. >> katie: we hear a lot from the left about misinformation, disinformation. the importance of defending democracy, and yet we are seeing even more of what we suspected, proof of it, that the fbi had a heavy hand in the lead up to the 2020 election in suppressing information that could have changed the election. >> harold: i don't know if it would have changed anything in the election. i am against censorship regardless of whom is instigating at or whom it might help in the process, and some may say this could have helped democrats. i am most concerned it -- if these reports are accurate, and i have a reason to believe that they may not be, why was the fbi and twitter asking them to do things? normally when they are trying to gain information, it is either an active investigation underway, or there is something
2:33 pm
happening that they need that information for to prevent harm to the country. that burden would be on the fbi to share with the country. i will withhold judgment, but the things that we are seeing, what they are releasing -- yeah, exactly. all of this is troubling, and i think it deserves an answer. >> katie: the one person trying to get answers -- >> harold: i agree with greg. he probably knew the outcome, but he said he's got a pretty compelling reason. >> katie: when those polls come out, he does what they say. jesse, someone who wants to try to do something about this issue with the fbi influencing twi twitter, kevin mccarthy. let's listen to what he said. what he is going to do. we will get your take. >> we are going to do more than just subpoena them. we are going to change the course of where the fbi is to
2:34 pm
today. they became an code private companies become a political arm of them, to go after indiv individuals, with no repercussions for individuals that know it's happening, but it raises more questions. >> katie: jesse? >> jesse: you are never going to be the fbi. they are just too powerful. and i'm going to get my hopes up, and my heart is going to get broken. >> greg: how many times has that happen? >> jesse: day after day after day. you fell into twitter headquarters, and your fbi badge basically works there. yes, sir, i will do whatever you want. it's crazy. more fbi agents in twitter than there are stanford graduates. we will weed them out, but it is going to take a while. musk cannot poll twitter.
2:35 pm
it skews atheist female. overeducated. we've seen the metrics on it. it is mostly single women that have graduate degrees. >> katie: that's true. >> jesse: that's like me running for governor of vermont. i am never going to win that. >> dana: they have a republican governor now. >> jesse: i have a friend who is a turnaround artist. they hire him to go in for two years entering the place around, just hire a bunch of people, cheese profits, and then get the hell out of there. that is what musk is. get out of there, find out all the crimes that have been committed, make it profitable, and then skedaddle. he is worth billions of dollars. he's got investors. republicans have a lot of money in tesla. all these companies. they do not want to hear the ceo spouting off about god knows
2:36 pm
what on social media. they like quiet, rich guys to stay on the sidelines. >> greg: you know who is a good turnaround artist? brian kilmeade. whenever i see him, i turn turnaround. >> dana: you can find them all everywhere. they are very scary. >> jesse: far left and pro-abortion. that is who is on twitter. >> katie: nightmare in the sky. passengers rolled from their seats after some really bad turbulence. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you struggle with cpap... (groan) (growling) (chuckle) should check out inspire. no mask. no hose. just sleep. (beeping) learn more and view important safety information at i'm frank siller from the tunnel to towers foundation.
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♪ ♪ >> harold: if you thought your flights turbulence was bad,
2:41 pm
passengers literally smashed into the ceiling after severe turbulence rocked their flight to hawaii. >> attention, do we have any medicine personnel? doctors? >> harold: caused the saturn roller coaster drop. 36 people, 11 had to be hospitalized. one person said it was like free falling. crushed because of bodies crashing into them. it makes you -- first of all, praying for those who are injured, but it makes you want to take them more seriously when they say buckle your seat belt. >> dana: it is always a good habit. even though you might be comfy, it is a good idea to put that thing back on. and it is also a good reminder, with a lot of travel coming up, thankfully everybody can hopefully get better after this flight. i was thinking, though, about
2:42 pm
car trouble. there are so many accidents that happen on the roads every day. we accept that risk. being willing to accept the risk. if you are going to go on a plane, one of the things -- the pilots want to get there as much as you do. when they ask you to put your seat belt on, it is a good practice. good habit. >> greg: i could not disagree more. i think it would be better if there were no seat belts whatsoever. this looks terrible. i feel terrible, but the fact is, we have to do a study. no seat belts versus seat belts, and see which turbulent plane is healthier. by the way, they are going to hawaii. i would put up with that. i would put up with that to go to hawaii. before you would not. you would not. >> greg: i would be so loaded on xanax. by the way, that is an artificial stance. >> harold: you are responding to an artificial stance. >> katie: this had me going
2:43 pm
into the dark, into the deep. what i rather crash into the ocean or on land? how would i get out of the plane? start thinking about people in the exit rows with all the responsibility. they should take that seriously. i don't know. just wear your seat belt. >> greg: this is holiday hysteria media. >> dana: the chances of this happening are very slim. >> greg: it's crazy. >> jesse: we did a segment on a plane that has turbulence. >> greg: i know. >> jesse: this is why democrats win. we should be taking on joe biden every day. you see this administration? then. >> katie: what about the plane that crashed and no one sounded? >> jesse: you have to have a certain type of constitution to handle turbulence. i could handle it. this table -- katie would scream. harold would prevent that everything is okay. you would be shaken to the core,
2:44 pm
day and dana. >> dana: i would be? >> jesse: you would take days off >> jesse: you would sue and win. >> greg: you are missing an opportunity. this is his responsibility. where was mayor pete? impeach him. [laughs] we should end the segment. >> harold: it turned into the surprise of a lifetime for one woman. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so how many vaccines have you given to people? me? about 1000. walgreens...millions.
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and find out what your case all when a truck hit my car,ade. ♪the insurance companyed, wasn't fair. eight million ♪ i didid't t kn whahatmy c caswa, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to k how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: and office gift exchange turned into some serious cash. a woman in kentucky won a
2:49 pm
$175,000 lottery jackpot during her companies white elephant gift game -- racist. i apologize, harold. >> harold: some people call it yankee swap unit >> greg: that's when you put the gifts in a bag and go home with somebody's spouse. >> harold: that his wife swap. >> greg: okay. setting up a bit of controversy, because under the rules, she was allowed to steal those scratch-off tickets from another coworker. somebody explain this to me, and explain -- dana -- kyle take it away. >> dana: we did this for the newsroom team. we had a bunch of gifts. you pull that gift out, let's say that you got the t.j.maxx gift card. you hold it up for everybody to see, fine. it is katie's turn to go. she can choose a new gift. or take that gift card. she decides to take the t.j.maxx gift card. you say fine, you don't like any
2:50 pm
of those gifts, i am going to pick a new one. you pick at, and it is lottery tickets. you scratch them off, win $175,000. it is all hers. >> greg: why does she have to share with her coworkers? they are not your family. >> jesse: i disagree strongly. passionately. the person who purchased the ticket is entitled to -- >> dana: no. now. >> jesse: they have not really relinquished ownership at that point. what if they have the receipt? >> dana: no, no. you put it in a gift bag. >> jesse: it is not a donation. >> dana: wrong. pay them a dollar for the ti ticket. remember when you bought us lotto tickets? would you have used the same logic? >> jesse: what did i do? >> greg: you know, his bob all lotto tickets. harold, you are a lawyer.
2:51 pm
let's say jesse is the person that bought the tickets. would you take his case? >> harold: no. i wish say you should talk to your coworker. being nice to them. but i would share. i would share if i won 175. >> greg: you've already got money, harold. >> harold: that has nothing to do with it. i would share 175 -- >> dana: she can buy everybody had t.j.maxx gift card. she already has to give half of it to uncle sam. >> jesse: i would give it to charity. >> greg: so glad you brought that up. future "survivor" winners have to hate this guy. the guy that gave a million dollars -- now everybody else -- >> dana: i think the show is over now. >> greg: oh, it is? >> kwhere do you stand on this? >> katie: as soon as you put the lottery tickets into the
2:52 pm
white elephant or the yankee swap, that's it. >> greg: would you share? >> katie: i would not. the government is getting $87,000. they take half. you can buy other people gifts. >> greg: you know what? fight it out in the parking lot with knives. >> katie: that does not comply with hr. >> greg: tell everybody via email here get everybody out there. pick sides. bet, bet. it will be like us side with knives. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we w and pray for those who persecute you. -i don't feel any different. -i don't need you to feel anything to do great things. (upbeat music) -jesus, if you do not renounce your words,
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2:57 pm
check this out. a hungry bear stole a family's dinner of chick-fil-a off their family's porch. he made off with 30 chick-fil-a nuggets and fries e he knew exactly which bags to steal. he left behind the salad. jesse in. >> jesse: hollywood star and personal friend tom cruise decided to thank audiences for blocking the top gun maverick this year he did the only way old tom knows how. >> are you coming in. >> not in your life. good luck. >> okay. see you down there where was i thank you for supporting top gun ma rick. as always a pleasure to entertain you. speaking want tonight "jesse watters primetime" my celebrity neighbor got robbed and i went into the scene of the crime. that's what they call real shoe leather reporting. find out who my celebrity neighbor is tonight at 7:00.
2:58 pm
>> dana: greg? >> greg: you are shameless. >> jesse: that or turbulence. >> greg: great show, it's going to be a big one. now, it's time for greg's travel companion. yes, gus went on his first plane ride. i'm turning into dana perino. it's a slow thing. roll the pictures, please. there he is looking out the window. not sure what is going on. bat ears on. this is him sleeping in my sister's arms. she was traveling and holding him. and then he just passed out. and then afterwards, we went and got hammered. that dude. that dude can drink some wine. like his daddy. >> dana: harold? >> harold: i have never seen nfl like this and obviously the world cup. nfl raiders, patriots game never seen a ending so bizarre.
2:59 pm
threw it to the raiders. the game was going to overtime. scored a touchdown, wins the game. vikings, colts, saturday night. couldn't get everywhere better. down 33-0. the vikings are. they come back, 33 points, win the second half in overtime. no team has overcome a bigger deficit than they did in the second half. the vikings. teams leading 30 points or more in the nfl are 1548-2-1. messi the greatest soccer ball player of all time argentina winning third world cup. couldn't be happier for this guy. i don't know him. jessie, i have got to tell you, i love when human beings experience success like this. this guy deserves every bit of it. >> greg: that's soccer, correct? >> harold: they call it football. >> katie: i went to volunteer wreaths across america.
3:00 pm
we did the wreath laying where you say the name of the veteran when you put the wreath on honor and remember. wonderful organization does this every single year not just arlington cemetery national cemeteries across the country. got to see the grave of a really good grandparents in arlington. >> greg: thank you for doing that. >> katie: it was fun. weather was pretty good. >> dana: more on the weather later this week. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: wreaths across america is awesome. thank you for going, katie. thanks, dana. good evening, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight. we are following three big developing stories. a new document dump from twitter is giving us new clarity about how deep the interaction was between the fbi and the social media site on big stories such as the hunter biden laptop scandal. also, the select house committee investigating the capitol riot of january 6th has voted to recommend criminal prosecution for former president trump. but we begin with u.s. supreme court chief justice john roberts


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